About Us

EDLINK LIMITED is a company that specializes in supply of medical devices, school equipment and ICT Solutions. The company provides various training and consultancy services.
To deliver a leading edge, client focused sustainable and affordable health care and pharmaceutical services
To positively contribute to the performance improvement of the health sector using affordable and reliable health care services that is in line with the current science and technology.
Our Core Values
  • Ethics: We maintain the highest standard with customers, team members, stakeholders and communities.
  • Customer Satification: Consider the customer in all we do and exceed the expectations of internal and external customers.
  • Leadership and Personal Accountability: Every team member contributes to our success and should run it like you own it, Take prudent risks and Lead by example.
  • Diversity: Respect differences among team members, customers and communities and Behave in a way that supports our corporate value.

Contact Us

Ground Floor, Railways Apartments, Opposite Golden Jubilee Tower, Ohio Street, Ilala Municipality, P.O.Box 22226 Dar es Salaam,

Hotline: 0764 259 911, Mobile/WhatsApp: 0787 777 131

 Email: info@edlinkltd.com 

Website: www.edlinkltd.com